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Внимание! На территории Российской Федерации ЗАО "МК-КНИГИ" распространением книг не занимается.

What's New ?

Russian Booker 2002 long list

To All Our Partners

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

JSC " MK-Knigi " carries out work on perfecting process of registration of orders arriving from our partners for book publications. For saving time of processing of your orders and transition from manual to automatic input it is necessary to indicate the number of our catalogue or number ISBN in the order (besides the author and titles of the book). For transfer of your orders it is possible to use any of versions mentioned below:

  1. - "Html" - as all our lists of new arrivals and offers at once are being inserted on our site www.mkniga.ru in section of "Novelty", so there will be possible to indicate the quantity of ordered books and confirm your order by putting down the code of your firm (six marks), number of the order and your e-mail address.
  2. - "XLS" - return of a file "XLS" in a format of the transmitted catalogue with indication of quantity of copies in a field "Order". A sample is shown in the attached file 1.xls.
  3. - "doc" - return of a file "doc" in a form of tables with the indication of quantity of copies in a field "Order".
  4. - "txt"- text file in a following outlook: / a code of firm / order number / number of catalogue МК / author / title / publisher / year of print / ISBN / price / quantity/. Note: / - mark ТАB.
    Attention : while ordering books not from our catalogue the order may be transmitted in any format set forth above with obligatory indication of ISBN.

    We would be rather grateful, if you use our offers while preparing your orders. Kindly try to send your orders on our e-mail address: mknigi@mkniga.ru

    Yours faithfully,

    General Director of JSC " MK-Knigi "

    Falkovskiy I. L.

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